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 Think, Eat, Live Smart: Secrets to Supercharge Your Health

Think, Eat, Live Smart: Secrets to Supercharge Your Health

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Concentrate on your overall well-being and weight loss is sure to follow.

Think, Eat, Live Smart is a comprehensive yet concise handbook on holistic healthy lifestyle. In
today’s world, where bookstores are filled with health books obsessed with weight loss, Dr Hooda’s stance is clear–she does not want to add another weight loss book to the world. Instead, what she wants to and does beautifully, is help readers choose prevention as a path to healthy living.

This book touches upon subjects ranging from balancing nutrients in food, food myths, challenges posed by the Indian diet, behaviour modification such as stress management and portion control, to the importance of sleep, gut health, hormones and much more. It also provides various case studies to relate to readers across all age groups.

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