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72+ Science Station
  Do you call yourself a Science wizard? Then you must try this kit that contains whoppi..
Rs.1,999.00 Rs.1,899.00
Turbo air
Turn on a magic before your friends with the ball suspended in the air. You will not enjoy the Tu..
Rs.499.00 Rs.450.00
Splashing fountain
Have fun experimenting how a fountain works with the Splashing Fountain Do-It-Yourself kit. You c..
Rs.499.00 Rs.450.00
H20 pump
  Ever wondered how do you get clean drinking water? Learn the science behind recycling ..
Rs.499.00 Rs.450.00
Action duo
  Learn the motion transformation principle when the bear and the bear move simultaneous..
Rs.499.00 Rs.450.00
Flying disc
  You have always admired helicopters and awed at the flying saucers. Now it’s time to..
Rs.499.00 Rs.450.00
Aim and shoot
  he next time your teacher asks you about the concept of rotary motion, you can respond..
Rs.499.00 Rs.450.00
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